Sunday, September 7, 2008


//from tel aviv
Performalism: Form and Performance in Digital ArchitectureGuest Curators Arch। Yasha Grobman, Arch। Dr। Eran Neuman CatalogueArchitects of the early twentieth century determined the architectural form as a derivation of the function it had to fulfill. In the wake of the digital revolution, the relation between form and function has been extended and defined as the outcome of performance. The concept performance generally defines the manner in which we use architectural form not only in relation to physical factors such as climate and construction, but also in relation to the perceptual and cognitive dimensions expressed, among other things, in understanding the sensations that a certain space can arouse. The current exhibition critically examines the meaning, implications, and influences of this architectural phenomenon. The main argument of the exhibition is that digital architecture’s formalism, realized through a multidimensional use of performance, offers a field of action by far wider than mere formalism, actually defining new needs and a new inessential concept of subjectivity. Shown in the exhibition will be built, virtual and conceptual architectural projects concerned with computer based architecture and which apply intricate forms that raise questions regarding the use of the new technology. The participants include Archi-Tectonics, USA and Netherland; Karl Chu, USA; Preston Scott Cohen, USA; Contemporary Architecture Practice, USA; Eisenman Architects, USA; Foster+Partners, UK; Franken Architekten, Germany; Gehry Partners, LLP / Gehry Technologies, USA; GLForm, USA; Kol/Mac LLC, USA; OCEAN, Europe, Australia and Israel; Open Source, USA, Europe and Israel; R&Sie (n), France; RUR, USA. Exhibition courtesy AZRIELI GROUP and with the assistante of an anonymous donation ENCOUNTER WITH THE EXHIBITION CURATORS 17.7 20.00; 26.7 11.00; 12.8 20.00; 23.8 11.00

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